Boots from the Past
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When it comes to soccer cleats, we all have our own style and opinion of what makes a great boot. In most cases, this choice also represents how we as players approach the game and without us knowing it, boot choice can say a lot about who you are. Here, we take an informal look at different trends we see on the market and break down the type of player that falls into each category. We recommend that you take this one with a pinch of salt and enjoy it for what it is!

This is What Your Soccer Cleats Say about You.

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Bright Colorways
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No. 1 - Bright Colorways

Whether it is Pink, Azure, Bright Blue or Neon Yellow, we are all pretty familiar with the wide range of colors that are part of the current game. This is the player that likes to stand out and be seen on all occasions. When it comes to getting their name out there, this type of players starts with their feet and looks to leave those watching from the sideline mesmerized. The problem is that if you don’t have the proper skills to match, you quickly become a player that fans pick on and fellow players won’t take seriously.

Traditional Black Boots
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No. 2 - Traditional Black

No nonsense is the leading trait of this player. They like to take the game by the scruff of the neck and get things done. If anything, they take the game a little more seriously than most, but they do it by enjoying the game for what it is all about. Since the beginning of the sport, soccer players have seen black as the mainstay color, designed to keep heritage in mind. The more toward a blackout design that a player goes, the more they show their respect for the game.

Lightweight Boots
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No. 3 – Lightweight

A lot of players consider lightweight boots to be the way to go. Most companies have placed an emphasis in lowering the weight of current day releases, so don’t be surprised if you fall into this category! This player likes to run and run really fast. They are the Forest Gump of the soccer pitch, just looking for an opportunity to get the ball at their feet and run until they are in sight of goal…or until a defender decides to stop them with a crunching tackle! Making things happen and creating multiple chances through a 90 minute game comes naturally to this player.

The Latest Technology
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No. 4 - The Latest Technology

We all like a new boot release and enjoy reading about what they have to offer. And we all know “that guy” who looks to pre-order the latest boots and have them delivered before anyone else has a chance. There is a certain air of arrogance that surrounds this player, probably related to the fact we are all jealous that they can get such great boots. But, this player is actually looking for ways to improve their game and the "latest thing" is his or her natural step in that progression. If anything, this player is more insecure than you’d imagine.

Cleaned to a Shine
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No. 5 - Cleaned to a Shine

When a player spends the time to clean up their boots, dry them out with some newspaper and add some polish on top, you automatically know they are the consummate professional. This is the type of player that garners respect from fellow athletes and deserves to be acknowledged for the fine job they have done cleaning their boots. They are also the player that wears a suit to training and knows how to use chopsticks without dropping a single grain of rice!

Torn or Ripped Boots
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No. 6 – Torn or Ripped

Many would automatically regard this player to be a no-hoper, the type of player that doesn't take their game seriously. The opposite is actually true. This is the player that wants to be involved in the game no-matter what. Sometimes it is down to a lack of funds to buy another pair, while other times it is simply related to the players love for their boots and the comfort they have to offer. This player deserves some credit for their choice, and if your question of “why don’t you buy new boots, bro?” is met with “I can’t afford any” then you should look at ways to find your friend a new pair.

Mud Out Of the Bag
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No. 7 – Mud Out Of the Bag

Then there is the player who shows up with an untouched pair of boots from the week before. You will notice these boots usually have mud covering the studs and they smell just a little bit off. Unlike the guy with torn boots, this player is just a slob who doesn't have the right level of respect for the game. In their mind, there is no need to clean the mud off as their boots will just pick up as much mud in today’s game – and they are going to score a hattrick in the process. It doesn't happen that way my friend. Spend a minute calling out this person and reminding them that mud is not allowed in the changing room prior to kick-off.

Boots for Every Surface
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No. 8 – Boots for Every Surface

With so many surfaces currently being used to play the game, it is tough to have a pair for each. In most cases, a good old pair of FG boots is all you need. But, then there is the player who forks out on a pair for each surface and quite frequently shows up to a game intending to “test the surface” prior to kick-off. Let’s be honest, we would all love to be in this guy’s situation and he is probably one of the smarter players on your team. That is, of course, unless you have the overbearing parent who wants to ensure their prized possession doesn’t get injured in their big game. It is highly likely that this player will be looking for a college scholarship, whether they are actually good enough or not.

Boots Match Jersey
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No. 9 – Colorways to Match Your Jersey

There is no getting around it; this player is seen to be the pretty boy of the team. Their willingness to find the right colorway to go with this season’s set of jerseys is quite obvious and leaves you wondering how long they spent doing their hair prior to arriving at the pitch. There is time and research put into making this decision, so we have to think that this player has a vested interest in science projects. there is no direct correlation in that one, but there is a level of sophistication that goes with this players boot choice.

Boots from the Past
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No. 10 – Boots from the Past

Then, there are the players that still sport boots from a past generation. We are not talking Adidas Copa Mundials here (although they definitely have been around a long, long time) we are talking the Asics, Gola and Reebok boots that once made up the main staple of pitches around the world. This player is all about using what is at their disposal, and that is true when it comes to how they play on the pitch. Rather than trying any fancy moves, they do what comes naturally; run and kick the ball toward the opposition’s goal! They are quite often the player that gets MVP after showing up a minute before kick as your team struggles to get 11 players on the pitch.