With the "Forging Iron" LeBron XI scheduled to release on November 14th, it looks like the folks over at NIKEiD have made yet another special design option available for LeBrons eleventh signature shoe. Upon unveiling this new "Forging Iron" option, sneakerheads will be able to deck out certain sections of the techno savvy Bron XI silhouette with the interesting graphic. While you won't be able to create an exact replica of the previously mentioned upcoming release, you will still be able to create a pair of kicks that is truly all your own. 

What's even more interesting about this latest development is that this time around, the pricing for a pair of NIKEiD kicks winds up costing all of you sneaker fiends the same price as the regular retail offering. Considering how much more a custom creation would have cost, we definitely think it's nice to know that we won't be breaking the bank while our kicks break necks. 

Now that you know what the current NIKEiD situation is, how many of you will be heading over to the design studio to create your very own pair? Or would you rather wait and cop the pair that is set to release in a little under two weeks? Either way, you still come out with a pair of kicks. Sounds like a win win if you ask me. 

[via NIKEiD]