Footwear News recently gathered up five of the sneaker industry's most notable influencers all to come in, take part in a photo shoot and of course, talk footwear.

The respected collection of individuals included Kith owner and designer, Ronnie Fieg; director and designer, Vashtie; God's favorite DJ, DJ Clark Kent; founder of Staple Design and Reed Space, Jeff Staple and DJ and filmmaker, Bobbito Garcia. Each having put in an abundance of time within the sneaker industry, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better selection of insiders than this New York bunch.

"What you do says a lot more than what people call you or what you call yourself. Let your work speak for yourself and if, by chance, that work you produce happens to influence other people in a positive manner, that’s just gravy on top. Even if my work didn’t influence anyone, I’d still approach it the same way I do now. I try not to think so much about being tagged as an influencer because I actually have a fear that it’ll change my ways if I start thinking so much about how people will react to it." -Jeff Staple 

During the sit-down, talk surrounded influencer statuses, followings, collaborations, social media and more. As expected, a number of gems were provided by the renowned panel, as we suggest checking the conversation in its entirety by heading on over to Footwear News now.

"The fact that I really am a consumer. I’m not a guy who works for a sneaker company. I’m not a designer. I can think like a consumer. There’s about 8 percent of the population that’s really cool. The rest are trying to figure it out. " -DJ Clark Kent