There's no doubt that it's been a rough season thus far for Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. Yesterday, Melo lashed out against his team's efforts, going as far as to say "we aren't playing worth a sh*t right now." As one of the Knicks' leaders, those are some pretty harsh words on paper, but Melo's clearly driven to win, which will hopefully provide some inspiration to the rest of the roster. The 3-6 Knicks, who are 1-5 at home, will travel to Detroit on Tuesday for a game against the Pistons, who are also 3-6.

Years ago, Carmelo Anthony was with the Denver Nuggets, and while they were never able to put together a championship team, Melo had plenty of memorable moments while donning the blue and gold. On November 18, 2008, Carmelo Anthony's team was off to a much better start, with a 7-3 record going into their home game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Throughout the night, Milwaukee's defense was relentless on Melo, but he powered through and shot 9-9 from the charity stripe. In the end, he contributed 17 points to the Nuggets' 114-105 win, but he was also getting it done on both ends of the court with 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks, and a steal. If Melo wants to get on a winning track with the Knicks, he'll need to turn in performances like these consistently.

Outside of Michael Jordan himself, Carmelo Anthony has the longest running Jordan Brand signature basketball line. In 2003, Melo signed with Nike and was eventually transferred to the Air Jordan team. His 2008 model, the Jordan Melo M5, was built for versatility and featured an adjustable lockdown lacing system.

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