It is now November and the question on every sneakerhead's mind (and I mean EVERY sneakerhead’s mind) is “You ain’t got NO YEEZYs?” We all know the answer to it. But what’s been going on? There have been a lot of photos floating around, a lot of "he said, she said," and an abundance of fakes (even from celebs). If you haven’t been keeping up, it’s very easy to lose track on these “Red Disasters.” However, NikeTalk member mark081990 took it on himself to chronologically break down what’s been going on with the sneakers. Anyone following THE OFFICIAL NIKE AIR YEEZY 2 AFTERMATH THREAD knows what’s up. But if not, here it is all of what happened so far:

Let us recap UPDATED:

  • Kanye wears them at SNL, Governor's Ball, once in public, and now on the Yeezus tour. He dubs them "Red Octobers" in "Hold My Liquor."
  • Nike PR director Heidi Burgett confirms they will release before 2014 on her twitter account.
  • SneakHeat claims he is doing a pre-order which gets him a ton of followers. Ends up being a raffle, claims if RO's dont release he will buy you your choice of Plats or Solars, and I do not think he will ever live that down.
  • Laokratwr posts a pic of a Nike EU inventory database showing pairs to arrive between 10/31 and 12/31 (I think 12/31).
  • Kanye announces contest to win Yeezy IIs. 50 total winners open to all those who purchased Yeezus. Only 24 winners are announced. Contest says pairs will ship at sometime from now until February.
  • Kim posts her pair on IG.
  • Sami (S_Universal) meets Kanye West and has a chance to discuss them with him. Kanye had two pairs in his dressing room—confirms our belief {Nike & Kanye have a rocky relationship}
  • Numerous fakes appear. Some with glow and some without glow.
  • Don C. (Kanye's manager) posts a picture and the quickly deletes it. #TheseTheRedOctobersOopsIMeanRedJanuarys
  • NT Member Phil0sophy provides a pic of them glowing while the arena was pitch black at the Yeezus concert.
  • D-list celebrities claim to have them and even post pics of themselves wearing the fakes.
  • RUVILLA pops in to discuss the contest and declare they have no info on the RO's. The Platinum pairs they received from Nike for their annual refresh were all dated early 2012 (just as the original Y2's released were).
  • US11hustla posts pic of about five pairs of legit Red Yeezy IIs. He was the first to post pics of DB Vs before most knew about them.
  • Legit pairs have a production dates for between 08/??/13 - 09/??/2013 (can't remember exact dates and pic isn't very clear).
  • reps give more info than they've ever given about the Red Yeezy's. "Check back in two weeks" among other quotes...
  • Ebay bid for a pair of fakes go for $10,000.
  • Someone posts a pic of a receipt claiming pre-order $325..... the receipt is then linked to the original listing which is confirmed fakes.
  • DJProtoJ received info from Nike Rep in Chicago that the release would be 11/9.
  • GatorViking received word that Nike Chi has pairs in stock.
  • @J23APP RT's someone saying "the internet will break tomorrow" [he was not talking about the Yeezy's despite what many believed].
  • S_Universal says if he receives his pair from Kanye's F+F list it will ship out 11/7.
  • YanisHammiche says he was visiting NTNY over the weekend and posted a picture of his visit revealing an employee holding what appeared to be a pair of Red Yeezy IIs on the sales floor.
  • Yanis then links us to @Feng333's IG which contained numerous legit pics of the Yeezy's and @INGMAXXX's IG which also appeared to contain legit pics.
  • A member reveals that Kanye may leave Nike for adidas if things stay the way they are. Kanye has openly criticized Nike regarding his sneaker deal. S_Universal confirms Kanye discussed this in his (non-disclosure meeting).
  • NTNY responds to someones tweet declaring they have no info on "yezzys" launch.
  • PRGirlGoneRogue was told to inform "clients" (presumably Kanye's F+F he couldn't get pairs for from Nike) not to expect a release until after 11/5 (f+f pairs may still ship 11/7)
  • Spectacular23 works for NTNY and said his store does not have Yeezy IIs in stock. Yanis' image was a customers pair that won it? Possibly fakes considering contest winners have not received pairs yet. He points out that since they didn't receive any Plats or Solars then they might not be receiving these. (Some are questioning how much a "athlete" employee would know.)
  • S_Universal is not sure when the contest pair will ship, he is definitely receiving another pair from Kanye as part of F+F, and he may receive a 3rd signed by Kanye.
  • SpiffyKicks spoke with someone who is friends with the owner of UNKWKN in Miami said they are releasing in February. The owner spoke with "easy" who runs RSVP tours with Kanye? (Never heard of him) and "easy" apparently told UNKWKN's owner.
  • modernART clarifies it was EasyOtabor, who owns RSVP Gallery, in the text message pic from IG
  • IrishGuy posts a store in Paris confirmed they will receive pairs.
  • Warbucks claims NTCHI is "loaded" with pairs and we aren't seeing stockroom pics because managers have threatened their employees if they were to take any pics.
  • Ronsweedroom contact at corporate—mid November release OR Q1 2014. More pairs then Solars & Plats
  • GatorKing posts more pics of @Feng333's legit Yeezy tag. Photo reveals clear production dates as well as a UPC code that matches that of the one Laokratwr posted of the ndc inventory computer.
  • SteveKaratag posts pics of @Feng333's IG responding to questions of a release date—says "next month" on 10/30.
  • GatorViking posts side-by-side comparison of @Feng333's Solars and Reds. Suede is on point.
  • Spectacular23 spoke to his NTNY manager who noted there are QS Kobe IXs on the release calendar for January which indicates they would see special releases months in advance (but we know Yeezys are a special kind of special and not in the same league as Kobes) and his manager also said February seemed likely.
  • Dken9d overnight line at NikeLV 10/30-10/31.
  • JJ has a link available for "RED" Yeezy IIs but product code matches Solar Reds. They acknowledged via Twitter it was fake.
  • cshinw posts pics of @zyn0210 IG legit pair for $4100USD.
  • PO confirms @zyn0210 pics are legit.
  • Extra initials under the insole in the Red pair appear to show "KWNVAHDVVAACJLAW_ALR"
  • amarano live chats with Nike rep and provides the rep with style #. Checks and calls them "red octobers" says they can release sometime from now until Xmas (in line with Laokratwr's info). Check back within 1-2 weeks for posted info. Release is "hushed."
  • PRgirlgonerogue DTLR said they most likely will not have them. Minnesota Ave DTLR received pairs of Solars last year.
  • AirJason delivers good info about NDC's website and how we can expect the site to give clues on their drop.
  • Spectacular23 spoke to a Nike rep who visited NTNY today and he asked about the RO's. The rep said there is an issue with timing (Oct=LBJ, Nov=DB, Dec=Gamma XI). Nike doesn't want to take away from those campaigns with this release.
  • DVDXtreme has livechat with Nike rep who explains the release is "tight lipped", "probably will be unexpected", "might be unannounced."
  • Jada2001Retro's source says expect a release before the DB Collection. Stores have stock.

Now you know. Maybe you still have some hope in getting you a pair. But if Friends and Family pairs release in the next couple of weeks, people will go nuts. We can only wait to see what happens.

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