The easiest way for a sneaker brand to get people to dig their kicks—besides just design awesome kicks—is to pay someone famous to endorse their product. Usually this means that an athlete or rapper is going to be in ads, commercials, or wearing the product on court and getting their own signature sneaker. Most of the time, fans latch onto who's endorsing the sneakers (they're the face of the brand, after all). But sometimes the people chosen to slang a certain brand makes everyone say "What the fuck were they thinking?"

There are many reasons a sneaker endorsement is awkward. It could be that the person endorsing the brand is down with another company, or the athlete has a higher-perceived quality than the brand they are wearing. Either way, it just seems weird and we can't believe that some of the endorsements ever happened. Here are The 15 Most Unbelievable Sneaker Endorsements of All Time.

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