Go to any soccer pitch in the country and the two brands you’ll likely see dominating the field are Nike and adidas. But soon, soccer players here in the states will have another viable footwear option to choose from, as Mizuno has announced that it will finally bring its cleat offerings to the US market.

Mizuno will test its popularity in the US with an initial limited release of four of its top soccer models: Morelia Neo, Wave Ignitus, Morelia Neo (full leather/ MJD) and Morelia Neo II (full leather/MIJ). The success of the initial run will determine whether Mizuno will continue a full-fledged effort to litter the market with its complete collection.

While Mizuno is a Japanese company, it does have a HQ in Atlanta, Georgia. To test its cleats, the brand has partnered up with the Atlanta Silverbacks of the North American Soccer League, from which players have been hand-picked to help with the wear-testing process.

The initial Mizuno boot lineup will be available starting December 2, 2013—just in time for the holiday season.

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