We’re suckers for a good infographic here at SR. So when the good folks over at FinancesOnline told up they’d put together a sweet new interactive that details Many Pacquiao’s road to Macau, China, where he’ll square off against Brandon Rios on November 23rd, we were all ears.

Having won world boxing titles in an unprecedented eight different weight classes already in his illustrious career, Pacquiao will look to get back to his winning ways after dropping two consecutive marquee fights. While his showdown against Rios doesn’t quite have the same hype behind it as some of Pacquiao’s recent bouts, it is certain to go a long ways in determining whether the 34-year-old boxer can get back on top, or whether this will spell the end of his decorated career.

The Pacquiao infographic is filled with interesting facts about Manny’s career both in and out of the ring. It details everything from Pacquiao’s tendencies, to his head-to-head stats against notable opponents, and even has a detailed breakdown of his earnings as well as his political accolades. Some snapshots of the infographic are highlighted in the gallery above. For the complete Pacquiao breakdown, head over to FinancesOnline.

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