Cam'ron seems to have a slight mess on his hands, in the form of his sneaker closet. The heralded Harlem rapper recently took to Instagram to unleash a pic of his footwear room, complaining that his kicks are covering all the marble. The usual, huh?

Nonetheless, Cam simply needs someone to get over there and straighten that mess up and make the luxurious floor more visible. Oh, and those aren't even half of his shoes, says Cam, as he then points out the closet within the closet. Maybe that's where the gems are.

Cam'ron also recently posted a shot of some gifts from Reebok Classics, which include a number of retros and other fresh digs.

So, can anyone out there help Killa with his sneaker mess? Thanks. Also, someone point this out to Cam, please.

[via mr_camron]

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