As trivial as getting a sneaker stepped on may seem to the general population, to some it can be a matter of life or death. Getting a fresh pair of kicks smudged thanks to a drunk club-goer or graceless pedestrian can really fuck your whole day up--especially if you've busted out a rare pair. Actors, filmmakers, writers, musicians and the like have often used a smudged sneaker as material and the results are often hilarious.

Every sneakerhead is well aware of the infamous sneaker-stepping scene in Do the Right Thing, but other movies and rap songs also reference someone's sole stepping on another person's sneaker. But it's not just sneakers. Carl Perkins warned people to stay away from his "Blue Suede Shoes," and even The Simpsons have touched on this subject. It's one of the most flagrant things someone can do, and pop culture knows it. Here's A Brief History of Shoes Getting Stepped On in Pop Culture.

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