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Generally speaking, professional basketball players are a flashy bunch. From sneakers, to jerseys, to training gear, and beyond, players get all sorts of hookups, and they're not afraid to show it. And thanks to the beauty of social media, in this case Instagram, as fans we get to see it all first hand.

These days, getting a behind-the-scene's look at your favorite NBA players is easier than ever. All you have to do is sign onto Instagram and start trolling. While not all pro ballers are on IG—we see you Dirk—those who are can be an excellent go-to source for all you performance tech nerds (us included). To narrow down the field, we've put together the following list of the 12 NBA players to follow on Instagram (according to the gear that they flaunt).


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chris bosh instagram

Player: Chris Bosh aka chrisbosh
Team: Miami Heat
Followers: 506,790

Bosh’s IG feed is all over the place, but you can expect a stead dose of sneakers and other basketball hardwear. 2x NBA champ.

kendall marshall instagram

Player: Kendall Marshall aka jethrowellington
Team: Free Agent
Followers: 29,889

Kendall Marshall has been rocking J’s since his Tarheel days. And you’ve likely seen them all on Instagram. Now if only he can get on a roster...

jared cunningham instagram 1

Player: Jared Cunningham aka j1flight
Team: Atlanta Hawks
Followers: 19,010

A bathtub full of Foamposites will definitely get you noticed.

Richard Hamilton instagram

Player: Richard Hamilton aka ripcity3232
Team: Free Agent
Followers: 100,131

Rip Hamilton has been a Jumpman athlete for a long, long time. If only we had Instagram in the 2000’s…

paul george instagram

Player: Paul George aka indianageorge3
Team: Indiana Pacers
Followers: 45,939

Paul George goes hard in the paint (and on the filters).

andre iguodala instagram

Player: Andre Iguodala aka andre
Team: Golden State Warriors
Followers: 148,817

Two things we’ve learned from Andre Iguodala’s Instagram feed: (1) he also balls hard on the golf course (2) he’s got the sneaker game on lock. Also, best username.

JR Smitb instagram

Player: JR Smith aka teamswish
Team: New York Knicks
Followers: 605,293

JR’s locker room shots are great. You might even catch him pushing a #citibike to the Garden from time to time.

david lee instagram

Player: David Lee aka dlee042
Team: Golden State Warriors
Followers: 70,494

David Lee is the master at putting together outfits.

Lebron James instagram

Player: LeBron James aka kingjames
Team: Miami Heat
Followers: 4+ million

Bron-Bron doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, whether that’s on the basketball court or on Instagram. Sneaker pics are to be expected from a guy who’s had a signature shoe now 11 years running. But what you also get from LeBron’s feed is an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at greatness in progress.

iman shumpert instagram

Player: Iman Shumpert aka imanshumpertthe1st
Team: New York Knicks
Followers: 196,188

If there’s one pro baller holding it down for adidas on IG, it’s Knicks swingman Iman Shumpert. From Three Stripes-branded retro basketball sneakers like the Crazy 8’s, to modern-day training sneakers like the Springblade, Shump has it all—he isn’t afraid to share it either.

kevin durant instagram

Player: Kevin Durant aka easymoneysniper
Team: Oklahoma City Thunder
Followers: 1.9 million

KD is all Nike—all the time.

chris paul instagram

Player: Chris Paul aka cp3
Team: Los Angeles Clippers
Followers: 1.2 million

According to Instagram, Chris Paul gets shoes delivered by the truckload. #teamjordan

Gurvinder Singh Gandu is a New York City-based writer and wear-tester for Sneaker Report, and contributor to Complex Media. Follow him on Twitter @GurvinderSG for the latest in performance footwear and gear.

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