The artist behind the creatively deadly Air Max gun designs, Filfury, is back with some more hard-hitting artwork. This time around he drops the guns for a more animalistic vibe. Filfury takes the forthcoming size? X Nike Air Max 93 and Nike Air Huarache to create two animal skulls that resemble bull and goat skulls that you would see in old Western movies.

And If the skulls weren’t enough, Filfury threw in some Air Max 93 and Air Huarache questions marks to further his design skills. Could this be a question of what sneaker he should attack next? Whatever questions need answering, it’s safe to say that we will definitely keep an eye out on what Filfury will do next.

Head over to his website to check out his other dope sneaker inspired designs. Also, don’t forget to keep your eyes ready for the size? Nike Air Max 93 and Nike Air Huarache set to drop November 29  in-store at size?