Category: Neutral Training
Best For: Running / Training with a natural feel
Star Feature: adiPRENE & adiPRENE+ in forefoot and heel
Weight: 7.2 Oz. Neutral shoes are an ever-growing need in the running world.

Get even closer to the road with the support and comport of a regular running shoes thanks to the Adipure Motion 2.0. Unfortunately if you’re anything like me, neutral running just isn’t meant for you. I have terrible shins and knees and the drop of some of these shoes is too much for me to handle. However, I may not enjoy going for a run in a pair of neutral trainers, but I most certainly enjoy cross-training in a good pair, and the adidas adiPURE motion 2.0 fit the bill.

As I'm currently using these Motion 2.0’s in my RU Fit classes. These are 1:15 minute high intensity, cross-training classes designed to keep your heart rate up and build stamina. While training at a high cardiac rate like this, I feel the most comfortable in the thinnest, lightest, and fastest clothing possible, and that includes my shoes. The adidas adiPURE Motion 2.0 are really light weighing in at 7.2 ounces and are made with a thin TechFit upper. It’s a stretchy, breathable, sock-like sleeve – you know, the type of material that makes it fun to wiggle your toes under. The reason it feels good to cross-train in neutral shoes like this is because they let your foot be so free and natural. It moves the way it needs to move in order to be as fast as possible. The Motion 2.0 have a slight drop from the heel to toe which is going to promote a forefoot strike rather than a heel strike, so much like a track spike, you up on the balls of your foot. This really lets you dig in and push. I found this helps a lot with things like box jumps and burpees, it allows for quick reactions and explosive jumps. Another plus is that this shoe is so flexible. You can squeeze and grip and toes in order to help with balance as well. This was a plus when it comes to kettlebell swings. The momentum of the weight wants to lift you off the ground but with these shoes I can hold a firm base and keep my balance. These shoes are going to fit almost too true to size. There’s absolutely no room to spare. They hug your foot a good bit, but they’re really comfortable so you may not mind. I recommend going a half size bigger. The one-piece tongue and forefoot upper scream sock-less, and sock-less is always better.

Moving down to the bottom of the shoe, I have to say that the sole sort of sits “funky” under your foot. It’s very narrow and has a pretty drastic inward curve at the arch. I felt like I lost some support here and it made me a bit hesitant to make quick side to side cuts. You might not be doing too many cuts out on the road but it may have a bit of an impact on running a turn. It will come down to preference at that point. Bottom Line: Whether you’re in the market for a neutral trainer in order to put some miles on your legs or to start some high intensity cross-training, the adidas adiPURE Motion 2.0 will help you achieve the results you’re looking for all while making you look good. $110

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