With the way that Gary "The Glove" Payton played for the majority of his career, it was no surprise at all that he became a 2013 Basketball Hall of Famer, but being out of the game for even six years can cause people to forget what he did -- and what he wore.

The truth about The Glove is that he was not only one of the most threatening players in the NBA just based on his game alone, but also intimidating because he was such an exuberant player, who often talked trash as great as he played. True to form, his defense and scoring made playing against Payton such an exciting experience that Nike made shoes just as exciting as he was.

In the Nike Zoom Sonic Flight, The Glove's former Air Zoom GP lateral wing is taken as inspiration and literally transferred over to the Zoom Sonic Flight, which pays specific homage to Payton, Kevin Garnett, Tim Hardaway, Tom Gugliotta, and a number of other Nike-represented NBA players (The Fun Police) in the late '90s

Equipped nicely with Max Air and Zoom Air, along with the anti-inversion fingers on the ankle, the Zoom Sonic Flight (think of Payton's former team, the Seattle SuperSonics) is a mash-up of former Nike Flight performance sneakers that has been remade to perform at the utmost highest standards.

The Zoom Sonic Flight is due for a 2014 release.

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