Year Of Release: 1981
First Life: Tennis Shoe
Second Life: Football terrace icon

Before guys like Russell Wesbrook were known as "stylish" for recycled blog wear, men on tennis courts were setting real trends. Bjorn Borg, Swedish heartthrob and the most dominant player of the '70s, was known for his Fila track jackets. He was also known, across the football loving nations of Europe, for his particularly sleek shoe-the Diadora Borg Elite. It dropped in multiple colors, was reassuringly expensive, and became standard kit for a group of match goers who'd become known as "casuals." Aside from their hooligan tendencies, these blokes knew how to dress. They set trends. They picked up new labels with blazing pace. And, most important, they created a culture of sneaker collecting that sewed the seeds for the fervor we have today.