Signature sneaker are some of the best-known sneakers of all time: think of the Nike Air Jordan, the adidas Stan Smith, even the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. And for a long time, a signature shoe was an athlete's crowning achievement (off the field of play, of course) as only the best of the best saw their names stamped or printed on leather or suede.

Somewhere along the line, though, that changed. As the sneaker industry exploded in the '80s, new companies got involved, and a signature shoe became just another way to attract would-be endorsers. Athletes who wouldn't have even gotten paid to wear sneakers in the previous decade received signature models, and superstars received new models every year. There was a signature glut.

So it's not surprising that there are signature sneakers from days past that simply don't have the same caché as some of their more legendary brethren. Check out 20 Signature Sneakers That You Forgot About and reminisce.

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