If you’ve been keeping a close watch on Reebok's retro campaign, then you may have noticed that the Kamikaze II has gone a little quiet as the Shaq retros have kind of taken things over. It looks like a twist of fate is on the horizon as this “Glow in the Dark” pair of Shawn Kemps signature shoe is scheduled to hit retailers on October 25th. Despite a majority of its previously released colorways barring some sort of direct connection to Kemp, Reebok is hoping to shake things up for the line while satisfying sneakerheads desires for luminescent kicks. In looking to recapture the same energy the shoe had upon its re-entry to the sneaker scene, what better way to pump some extra life into the line than by completely dressing the shoes entire upper with the glow in the dark treatment. How fitting that these kicks will be dropping just a few days ahead of Halloween. Now all of you sneakerheads can add an extra touch of heat to your costumes as you hit the streets to rack up on as much candy as you possibly can. You might even get a few extras just because you went the extra mile and gave your vampire-inspired look an upgrade.  

Reebok Kamikaze II

[via Sneaker Politics]

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