One of the most challenging aspects of running (and training, in general) sometimes is understanding your body and knowing just when the optimal times are to exercise most effectively. Athletes of all kinds can take long periods of time to truly gauge how their body responds to physical challenges, for the better and for the worse, usually after many rounds of learning how their bodies feel -- but what if you had a third-party tell you and then show you when you're most effective?

Puma has seem to solve that problem and then some. Having partnered with Tictrac, a technology that tracks, organizes, and syncs data from activity of various kinds, the two entities came together to produce PUMATRAC, an application made just for runners who are looking to make strides in their performance. With PUMATRAC synced to your iPod (only, for now), you can run, have your progress synced, and be told via app not only how long your run was with your distance, but also what time of day that you optimally perform.

With PUMATRAC, you can take a significant chunk of guesswork out of the training process and target your best environment for performing, and do so knowing you have a tracked history behind what you're being told -- which is a great evolution in performance, the anytime presence of third-party coaching.

The only question is whether PUMATRAC is a little too late. With apps like Nike+, Google Tracks, and iPerformance having already dispersed their own versions of what Puma is just now debuting, it may fail to stand out. One positive note is that Puma is continually building its running line and may incorporate more of the technology in its apparel and newer footwear; otherwise, PUMATRAC may fail to make a dent in the market.

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