Tom Brady's 13-year run with the New England Patriots has been nothing short of spectacular. Whether you're a fan of his or not, it's hard to deny the seemingly endless list of accolades amassed by the surefire Hall of Famer. Tom Brady has been selected as the NFL MVP on two occasions, played in 8 Pro Bowls, won three Super Bowls and taken home MVP honors for two of them, and earned many other achievements and awards throughout his prolific career. Despite his lengthy professional run, Brady has shown little to no signs of slowing down, and the Patriots have remained a constant threat thanks to his unparalleled consistency.

On October 14, 2007, Tom Brady helped the Patriots put a hurting on the Dallas Cowboys. Tom Brady lead New England to a decisive 48-27 win over Dallas, passing 31/46 and racking up 388 yards. However, the biggest number on the board for Brady was his five touchdown completions, which to this day is a career high for the superstar QB.

Nowadays, you'll catch Tom Brady in a pair of Under Armour cleats. Before UA became prominent on the gridiron, Brady spent the early years of his pro career wearing Nike. During this 2007 game, he wore a variation of the Nike Super Speed D with a modified midsole.

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Tom Brady Powers Pats to Close Win in Under Armour Cleats