Previously in Today in Performance Sneaker History, we've touched on the elusiveness of no-hitters in baseball. Unlike many sport statistics, it's not the sort of accomplishment that can be reached by luck or written off as a fluke. Only a truly elite pitcher can complete a no-hitter, and throughout MLB history, only 282 have been thrown.

Then there's the postseason. Currently in its early stages, we haven't seen any no-hitters yet during the 2013 playoffs. Chances are, we won't for quite some time. There have only been two postseason no-hitters thrown in history. In 1956, the Yankees' Don Larsen pulled off the feat during the World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. More recently, in 2010, Roy Halladay of the Phillies closed out the Cincinnati Reds.

One player who has come close to a postseason no-hitter is Bobby Joseph Jones of the New York Mets. To avoid confusion, this is the right-handed Bobby Jones, as New York had another pitcher of the same name during the same time period. On October 8, 2000, Jones made headlines as he shut out the San Fransisco Giants 4-0 and allowed just one hit. This advanced the Mets passed the Giants 3-1, and they eventually made it to the World Series where they were defeated by the Yankees.

Bobby Jones is one of just six pitchers to allow only one hit during an MLB postseason game, and he did it while wearing a pair of 2000 Nike cleats. You won't find this style on shelves nowadays, but Nike's current baseball lineup is available here.

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