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Nike has continued to build upon the great performance attributes of the LunarGlide over the years, largely concentrating on key areas of emphasis for runners who depend on the shoes. Usually, a LunarGlide equates to having lightweight cushioning and support, gait guidance, breathability, and an overall sense of protection, all from the Lunarlon, Dynamic Support, and later, the Flywire and Hyperfuse applications, but a new feature has + made its way to the LunarGlide+ 5, and it's more simple than you think -- color.

For the Chicago Marathon, Nike has decided to distinguished its treasured and award-winning running shoe with not just mere hits of volt, but make the entire shoe in the color of the highlighter-like hue. It's really straightforward, too, as Nike has reduced the amount of visual seams on the outside and wrapped the LunarGlide+ 5 in a satin-like fabric, likely not only smooth out the appearance, but also to possibly give the shoe a touch of the Shield protection to protect feet from the elements.

One thing also is that brightness for runners is often a great safety feature, and what better than to have your running shoes essentially be caution cones on your feet to keep you visible and safer? Makes sense if you're running the city of Chicago with thousands of other people for over 26 miles.

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