As a dude, finding a chick that’s into sports is the holy grail. But where do you go to find such a woman? The new Nike Free Agent app, that’s where.

No, we’re not feeding you bull. Believe it or not, Nike Football has partnered up with NFL Network broadcaster Rich Eisen to launch a mobile app that brings sports fans potentially find sports-minded significant others based on favorite teams and players.

“There are hundreds of millions of people on dating apps every day, but apparently no such apps cater solely to sports fans,” said Eisen to Forbes. ”My wife and I met in the newsroom of ESPN (which technically makes our children ESPN babies) so it hit me: without sports I may never have met my wife.  I wanted to create an app that would provide the same type of meeting place, whether it’s mobile, in the stadium or at a college campus.”

Along with dating services, the cleverly named Free Agent app allows users to chat with other sports fans while they simultaneously watch live sporting events. As a sort of promotion, As a sort of promotion, Nike will even be giving away a pair of sneakers during each remaining Thursday night NFL game.

You can download the app here. For now, it's only available for iPhone and iPad.


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