With all the success that Nike has had and continues to swim in, you'd think that everything that the company is just a matter of casting a magic spell and everything turning to gold, wouldn't you? It seems that way, from the athletes that represent the Swoosh to shoes that have changed footwear technology to socks, even -- but it's not quite that way.

At Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, OR, Bloomberg Television interviewed Nike Brand President, Trevor Edwards; Nike's chief financial officer, Donald Blair; and Nike Inc. President and CEO, Mark Parker, all of whom expounded on the status and success of Nike's focus and direction for sports.

Clearly, Nike is about making people feel empowered enough to obtain their products and ultimately become better athletes. Said Parker about the point of the FuelBand:

"The FuelBand is a great example of actually bringing access to technology to everyday people who want to see how they're doing, how active are they, and how does that translate into how they can be more active and how they can reach their own potential."

Soccer, which is firmly the leading sport of the world, was also addressed, particularly in Nike's ability to make the sport even more "amazing" with the presence of the Swoosh. Brand President Edwards had a few words to say about that and the 2014 World Cup:

"The World Cup will be in Brazil. It’s going to be an amazing time. Where (soccer sensation) Neymar will be playing with the Brazilian team in a country that is so passionate about football. So the idea that we can continue to bring innovative product to the marketplace...(Nike's top soccer boot) Hypervenom is a really great example of innovation in the marketplace."

And then there was the inescapable Michael Jordan-LeBron James comparison again. Asked about James' brand with Nike can eclipse the Jordan Brand, Nike CFO Blair opined honestly:

“It’s great to dream and certainly, Michael has set the standard on that, but LeBron is a phenomenal athlete, he sells a lot of product with us and we are excited to have him as a partner.”

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