The Air Max 95 has sported a plethora of colorways and design upgrades throughout 2013. Having already been a part of quite a few interesting collections, it looks like the next set of themed Nike Air Max 95’s all of you sneakerheads will see, will be this rather colorful “Ekiden Pack”. For all of you non-Japanese speaking sneaker fiends out there, we’ve got a quick translation to share with you. The word “ekiden”, represents a long distance road race that is practiced in that country. While we have that portion of this upcoming collection covered, it’s time to tackle some of the color schemes involved. With each of the shoes involved having names like the Komazawa University and the Waseda University, we think it’s safe to assume that this a definitely some sort of collegiate-themed grouping. Aside from the names, each pair of kicks also sports the infamous grey gradient throughout its build that has become synonymous with the AM95. Although these kicks represent the academic side of Japan, we know that many of you sneakerheads are hoping that these won’t be a release that is only exclusive to that country. Since we have no information to either confirm or deny that notion, you’ll all just have to chill and wait until more info surfaces. 


[Photos via mita-sneakers]

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