The graphic Foamposite trend looks like it has a new colorway to add to the fold. Having already gone through the "Camo" and “Weatherman” phases, we still have the “Safari,”  “Asteroid” and “Volt Camo” pairs to go as well. Just when you thought that it might slack up a little bit, here is yet another pair of graphic Foams. This time around, it is the Foamposite Pro model that has the good fortune of being decked out in an interesting mix of black, blue and red. With each of the previously mentioned colors being joined together, thanks to the application of the unique “streak” graphic, we can't help but notice that these kicks look just as fast as they do colorful. While we don’t have any idea as to what the theme behind this latest pair could be, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if your friendly neighborhood web-slinger had a hand in this pairs color palette. All jokes aside, it is obvious that the creative minds over at Nike have no intentions on slowing down with the overtly graphic heavy Foamposite releases. While this may be exciting to some, others are waiting for Nike to take the Foamposite back to its solid colored roots before it is too late. Guess we will just have to wait and see what will be next in the ongoing Foamposite saga. 

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[Photos via kicksordie]