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Nike debuts its latest chief innovation today, the Nike+ Fuelband SE.

As Sneaker Report has stated before, the expectations are high for the next generation of Nike's activity monitoring device. The former model lacked pertinent information that are standard for today's tracking market for Nike branded "fuel points" and an abstract rainbow to show energy burned.

Giving us insight into the affair is Heidi Burgett of Nike PR who is present at the premiere of the new technology. According to Burgett, the FuelBand SE is “smarter and makes sure you get credit for deliberate movement and filters out activities that shouldn’t earn as much.” This makes for a smarter fitness experience that actually prevents FuelBand SE users from cheating with lesser, more mundane activities. Also, the FuelBand SE has been sealed to make it more water-resistant, and it’s more intuitive, particularly for finding out what time it is.

Stefan Olander, of the Digital Sport division at Nike, stated that the FuelBand SE is more communicative with your phone, something that was a bit of a letdown for owners of the previous FuelBand.

“We’ve added Bluetooth 4.0. No more complicated syncing. The Nike+ FuelBand SE is now in constant connection with your phone,” said Olander.

With a new "Win The Hour" mode to encourage your activity, users will be able to compete against the device along with improved workout tracking. Grouping up with friends through the FuelBand SE to share activity and compare will also improve. iPhone 5S users will be able to use the Nike+ Move App to keep you and your friends all up to date, but unfortunately there's still no love for Android users.

The Nike+ FuelLab will open in San Francisco (perfectly timed with the Nike Women's Half Marathon might we add) which will be a kind of an open meeting ground for tech companies to experiment with the Nike Fuel technology.

The Nike+ FuelBand SE will be made available to the worldwide public on November 6, in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, as well as France, Germany, and Japan for the first time.


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