There’s nothing like the feeling of gliding across water, smoothing moving along seemingly effortlessly – it’s incomparable. There’s also nothing like the feeling of a smooth ride while running, that feeling of effortless motion that’s uninterrupted by hiccups of human motion (if you’ve ever ran awhile, you may have experienced a few of those runs). Though you can’t always achieve that feeling of gliding across water while you’re stomping the pavement, Mizuno has gone to far lengths to come closer to that experience.

Sneaker Report covered the initial look at Mizuno’s new Wave Prophecy 3, a continuation of the famed model series that has been received with adoration by scores upon scores of runners. Dubbed a “super/natural” running shoe, it makes its mark for incorporating the physics of waves, energy, and flow into its performance attributes.

An aerodynamic shoe that utilizes its Wave Plate chassis to lead your foot strike and moderate the stress on your feet and body, the Wave Prophecy 3 will soon release in four new colorways for men and women, two each for men and women. The Wave Prophecy 3 will be available on October 25, 2013.


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