When it comes to footwear, Saucony has pulled out all the stops for its athletes competing in this weekend’s Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Similar to the Kinvara 4 “Kona” debuted last month, the brand has also rolled out a limited edition of its Type A5 racing flat in a similar color palette.

Though the Type A5 “Kona” doesn’t have the same Hawaiian-inspired print as its Kinvara counterpart, it does feature a fairly identical light Green/Orange/Yellow/Blue colorway that pays homage to Kona tradition.

Unfortunately, if you’re not signed up for the Ironman, the chances of you get your feet into a pair of either the Type A5 “Kona” or Kinvara 4 “Kona” are pretty much non-existent. The limited edition shoes are only available for athletes who will take part in the iconic race. But perhaps Saucony will show mercy on us all and do a limited edition run for the general public somewhere down the line. Don’t hold your breath though.


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