With the autumn season in full swing, and winter just around the corner, it’s that time of the year when the days start getting shorter, and the weather starts to pick up steam. That’s why, as an athlete (especially as a runner), it’s important to be geared up properly so that you have an answer for the whipping winds and low light conditions.

If you caught our guide to picking out the perfect winter running jacket, then you know there are numerous outerwear options to choose from—all designed to keep you protected against the elements. But if you’re really looking to up the protection—and look great while doing it—look no further than the upcoming Nike Allover Flash.

While it won’t be available until November 1, 2013, the Allover Flash running jacket just might be worth holding out for. While most running jackets simply feature bits and strips of reflective tape to improve runner visibility, the Allover Flash features a revolutionary glass-beaded exterior that produces 360 degrees of 400-candlepower reflectivity for unmatched visibility. In other words, the jacket will literally glow when it comes into contact with light.

For protection against weather, the Allover Flash features a waterproof front zipper, built-in hand warmers, as well as a runner-specific hood that adds additional warmth and coverage. It has strategically placed vents that increase airflow, allowing runners to maintain a consistent body temperature, and is lined with Dri-FIT knit fabric on the inner collar and cuffs to wick away sweat and help keep you dry.

The Allover Flash is currently available for pre-order at Nike.

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