Nike is about to drop a new series of their most popular Air Max silhouettes (as they tend to do) on November 1. This go around, the collection will present the legendary sneakers in a muted, reflective black inspired by the "necessity to be seen during night runs." Whoa, whoa, Nike. Who gives a shit about night runs? I'm pretty sure only weird people. You ever been driving at night and turn a corner and see some, like, 50 year old guy dressed in tights and a beanie just carelessly jogging down the middle of the road? Where's that dude's family to tell him he's being a goddamn menace? I get that wearing reflective shit is safer than not wearing it if you're going to be out in the middle of the road past dark, but an even better option is not being a fucking weirdo who jogs at night to begin with. And the biggest weirdo of them all? A guy wearing Air Max 95's to run in 2013.