Dom Kennedy's second full-length album, Get Home Safely, released today, and sneakerheads around the world couldn't be more pleased.

If you were around NikeTalk circa 2008, you knew that the Leimert Park resident was a cool sneakerhead who could rap pretty well. When his debut mixtape, 25th Hour, dropped, we also found out that Dom loved to rap about sneakers, too.

Five years later, and Dom is still up to his old tricks: Making great music and rapping about what's on his feet. He loves Jordans and Vans, but he's also had social commentary about the sneaker game littered in his lyrics throughout his career. To celebrate the release of his new album, we've actually listened to his entire catalogue, and found every single specific sneaker reference Dom has ever spit. This means that lyrics such as "I'm always coppin' the fresh kicks," weren't included, just incase you think we haven't heard "Who's Rollin' Wit Me."

Wherever you're at, pretend it's 75 and partly cloudy, here's A Complete History of Dom Kennedy's Sneaker References.

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