From the looks of this teaser, it looks like Boston retailer Bodega has another dope colloaboration on the way. While the boutique has already collaborated with the likes of Saucony, it looks like they will be joining forces with Reebok for their latest project. Seeing as how the photos has been purposely obscured, it is very difficult to make out what the shoe will look like. If you consider how much love the Reebok Classic Leather has been receiving as of late, we think it’s safe to assume that this is the model that will be used for this joint gem. According to the dog tag in the photos, it looks like all of you sneakerheads can expect to see this pair of kicks arrive on October 19th. Now that we have some sort of feel for the military-inspired theme surrounding this upcoming release, we can only wait and hope that both parties will reveal a detailed look at what they have been working on before the previously mentioned date. Make sure you peep the preview photos we’ve got for all of you sneakerheads to check out. Hopefully we will have a better look at these kicks fairly soon and see if they will make all of you sneaker fiends drop down and open your wallets to cop them. Salute. 



[Photos via BDGAStore]