In the world of sneakers, no shoe is more significant than the eleventh signature of Michael Jordan. You could argue otherwise but it was the Air Jordan XI that made people who refused to pay "such absurd amounts" for a pair of sneakers, take notice. To compare Michael Jordan and LeBron James is an impossible task. But one that everyone who enjoys the sport of basketball or sneakers, will probably attempt for the rest of eternity. Comparing modern athletes to former stars and hall of famers, is one of the most enjoyable debates a sports fan can have. We all have those athletes that we look up to and hold in a higher regard. The same can be said about sneakers. And the LeBron XI will inevitably ignite that debate for the next year. 

With that said, the Complex Sneakers Team is a mix of individuals. All with different backgrounds, all with different tastes and all with different opinions. In fact, as much trash we talk about sneakerheads, aka ourselves, for the ridiculous idiosyncrasies we've come to be proud of, the best thing about this thing of ours is individuality. It brings a balance to our content and makes for some NSFW ("Not Safe For The Web") heated debates but it's the beauty of sneakers.

When comparing signature models before, we've each given our personal opinions on the 4th signature model and 6th signature model. But for the launch of the Nike LeBron XI we decided to take different approach. Each of our team members chose one of their favorite colorways. One for each signature model in the LeBron sneaker line. With that said, we want to hear from our readers, what their favorite LeBron colorway is of each LeBron signature shoe. So hit us up in the comments with your choices, as you check out From A(ZG) to X: The Best of the Nike LeBron Colorways.

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