Category: Trail Running/Mud Runs
Best For: Plowing through any and all terrain a mud run or trail has to offer
Star Feature: CompFit ankle support sleeve
Weight: 9.37 oz

When The JaegerBombers catch a break from the stressful and hectic life of a 21 year old college student, members Andy Keim, Phil Cavaluchi, Eddie Kraft and myself, occasionally enjoy spending our weekends away from the tailgates and challenging ourselves to take on one of the toughest mud runs - Tough Mudder. Over this past weekend in Englishtown New Jersey, the JaegerBombers really earned their weekend beer and we did decked out from head-to-toe in Under Armour and mud.

At first glance, the Under Armour FTHR Shield TRC Storm runners are sure to turn heads. They are so bright, and stand out in a crowd so well that you’re taken back for a moment. When the other 3 members of The JaegerBomber’s first opened their shoe boxes, they all had similar reactions. Their head’s drew back and eyes widened. The vibrant, in your face, neon orange seemed to radiate the same bright energy back into the team members who were half asleep at midnight the night before Tough Mudder. This type of attraction carried over the next day at the event. As we walked through the parking lot approaching the registration and sign-in booths, people couldn’t help but stare at the four pairs of neon orange high top running shoes walking in a straight line. The JaegerBombers were in the building, and everyone knew it. When you have a product as bold as the Under Armour FTHR Shield TRC Storm, its bark better be as big as its bite – which it was. The FTHR Shield TRC Storm exceeded all expectations by all members of the JaegerBombers.

When you first grab yourself a pair of TRC Storm runners, you immediately get the impression that the shoe is well constructed and can handle whatever it is a mud run can potentially throw at them. The CompFit HeatGear shield itself sits rigid and stiff without even being laced up; reassuring you that shield will provide solid ankle support and slow down the buildup of debris. The shield also helps keeps the shoe on your foot.  JaegerBomber member Eddie Kraft found himself sunk knee-deep in a pit of mud and if it wasn’t for the CompFit sleeve, the shoe might not have made it out. Along with the support the sleeve provides, it also serves as a comfort feature for the shoe. “The ankle support was great for the terrain of the course, and also allowed for quick movement and changing directions” says JaegerBomber Andy Keim. The comfort may actually surpass the support factor. The shoe was so comfortable that myself along with the rest of the JaegerBombers made the decision not to wear socks throughout the race. This brings me to a very important piece of advice to any future mud runners – WEAR SOCKS! Regardless of how comfortable your new pair of TRC Storm runners are, make sure you wear socks. No shoe, no matter how tight they are tied, or how high the shield is can stop your shoes from being filled with mud. It will get in, and you will suffer the blisters caused by it.

The full-length Micro G foam sole kept my feet comfortable and pain free throughout the rigorous 10+ mile obstacle course. I felt explosive and full of energy from my feet and up through my legs. There was also a spring in my step and some extra pop in my jumps thanks to the TPU spring plate.  The shoe itself is also extremely porous, allowing them to drain water quickly and efficiently. This also helped the shoe to breathe. The UA Storm material the sleeve is made of kept the shoe dry in some conditions. For example, while running in the beginning stages of the course, small areas of mud or puddles wouldn’t affect the shoe what so ever, however, mud runs aren’t made up of small puddles, and are actually muddier than you may imagine. This material though makes the shoes extremely easy to clean. “The course itself was 10+ miles and the shoes held up great. All I had to do when I got home was spray them off with the hose and they looked brand new again” said the vet Eddie Kraft. No mountain, mud slide, hill, trail, track, slick surface, rope, log, grass, or trench was match for the ultra grippy mountain bike inspired “micro-lug” tread along the outsole. The shoe conquered all elements.

In the end, we can't give all the credit to the Storm runners, the UA gear we were decked out in deserves just as much. Without the right clothing, these mud runs are twice as hard as they already are. You need to be able to dry quickly, stay light, and be supported. “The Men’s Coreshorts Prima was my favorite part of the outfit.” said JaegerBomber Andy. Veteran JaegerBomber Eddie felt “the shirt was also great. The HeatGear material wicked the water off quickly and the shirt dried extremely fast. That was helpful since it wasn’t the warmest of days and we didn’t want to be running around with wet clothes.” To go along with the right compression shorts and t-shirt, you have to have to the proper shorts, take it from JaegerBomber Phil, “the Reflex shorts were extremely lightweight and dried just as quickly as the shirt. What was great about these shorts was that they had a thick elastic UA waistband that anchored them to your hips. They didn’t move throughout the entire race.” The right gear is crucial.

Bottom Line: UA FTHR Shield TRC Storm will conquer any and all mud runs, and not just once. With a little elbow grease and some TLC, the runners clean up just right for your next race.

UA FTHR Shield TRC Storm: $120
UA Reflex 10” Shorts: $30
UA 9" Coreshorts Prima: $35
HeatGear Sonic Fitted Short Sleeve: $25

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