If you thought that the "White Cement" '88 retro put the sneaker world in a frenzy, we would like to inform you that you haven't seen anything yet. While the previously mentioned release was one of epic proportions, it seems like the folks over at Jordan Brand have even more madness in the works. If you happen to find yourself asking how JB could possibly match the hype from the last release, then you obviously didn’t consider the “Black Cement” Air Jordan III as a possible candidate. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already caught wind of the “Black Cement” ’88 Retro. As the rumors continue to swirl and the speculation mounts, there still isn’t any solid information to share with all of you sneaker fiends out there. All we do have to pass on are some fresh new shots that will most likely make things worse for you especially if you have had your hearts set on these one day releasing. With so many other kicks scheduled to release between now and 2014, we can only hope that the sneaker gods will bless the sneaker world with this surefire must have. Let the waiting game commence. 


[via Sneaker News]

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