Undefeated's Eddie Cruz and James Bond are a bit camera shy. They don't need to be the most popular kids in class. What they want is for the product they create to speak for itself. Inspired by military design and connected to the culture in a way that remains authentic and honest 12 years after its initial launch, Undefeated is the exception to the rule. 

They are cool, calm, and collected, but create collaborative works with brands such as Nike, Converse, adidas, and Reebok on what seems like a monthly basis. Their designs are minimal, with the focus placed squarely on the details. A quality fabric here, a richer color palette there, or a simple design change that highlights the shape of a shoe are all found in their work. Collaboratively, Undefeated doesn't stop at just working with big name brands, their works have extended to other product areas that complement their aesthetic and provide insight into their "Sport is War" mantra. Finally, they are probably most known for the Air Jordan 4 "Undefeated"—a shoe that nearly any collector in the world would love to have in his closet. However, before we get to there, lets take a look back at the History of UNDFTD Sneaker Collaborations

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