A few weeks ago, we announced that Oliver Vranesh was the winner of The Next Sneaker Design Star contest, and was headed to a multi-day apprenticeship with Reebok Classic. Now, we check-in with him as he prepares for his trip to Canton, Mass.

Soon I will be at the Reebok Headquarters and I am just filled with that “Oh man, I can’t believe this is happening!” feeling. I’ve been out celebrating with friends and family and I am excited about all the possibilities before me. It will be so awesome to check out the HQ (which I hear is amazing) and learn from some very talented designers.

School has already started, but I don’t mind taking a few days off to cherish such a great opportunity. The winning design has been on my mind, and I would be more than happy to improve it. I did some sketching during lectures, basically trying to fix the quarter pattern and the vamp. Still unhappy with that, but I’m also trying to make the design more interesting while making it possible for the guys at Reebok to make. When I have the time, I will draw the design in perspective and maybe do a quick pullover before I head up there.

I’ve been a fan of Reebok since back in the day. Basically since Shawn Kemp rocked the Kamikazes for the Sonics, which after watching I would practice his crazy dunks and break my Fisher Price basketball hoop. Later on, I would rock the red/white Questions to basketball camp and try to do my best Iverson crossover impression.

There is a great history of talented designers at Reebok, and I can’t wait to act like a sponge and absorb everything they teach me.