adidas New D Rose 3.5 "Metal/Black"

If you're a Point Guard in the market for a new pair of kicks then this is the only list you'll need as we are about to highlight the Top 10 Performing Basketball Shoes for Point Guards. This list is packed full of the best on-court performance models with PG attributes so no matter which you choose, you'll wind up with a beastly pair of sneakers.

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Adidas_D Rose 3.5_BlackRed 3

No. 10 - adidas Rose 3.5

Rose never laced up his third signature sneaker on-court but that didn’t stop others from trying them out for themselves.

Solid traction, adequate cushion and an abundance of support. Everything a PG needs wrapped up in a durable synthetic upper built to last. Best part, they’re hitting outlets left and right for nearly half off their original $160 retail price. Happy hunting.

adidas Crazy Light 3

No. 9 - adidas Crazy Light 3

For Guards that like to keep things light, the Crazy Light 3 is a great option.

They feature a low profile set up yet are cushioned enough to keep you going. Support has been fine tuned with this third installment to be readily available without you feeling it and ventilation is amazing. Only down side would be their potential durability when used outdoors but if you play on the hardwood then this is nothing to worry about.

Nike Hyperdunk 2013

No. 8 - Nike Hyperdunk 2013

They’ve been designed to cater nearly every position on the floor over the past few years but this version was redesigned with Kyrie Irving in mind… one of the scariest PG’s currently in the League so you know they’re good.

Traction was good last year but for lateral players and slashers… the traction this year is perfect. Lunarlon provides each step with soft, responsive cushion and the Dynamic Flywire keeps your foot locked into the footbed no matter how many times you decide to stop on a dime and change direction.

adidas Rose 773 2_3

No. 7 - adidas Rose 773 2

If you dislike the feel of adidas’ SprintFrame then you’ll thoroughly enjoy the Rose 773 II as its built the way shoes used to be made… less plastic and more material.

The Next Gen PureMotion is one of the best features and its perfect for Point Guards. If you have yet to try it then you are truly missing out. Court feel in unmatched by anything else on the market and these pack a power performance punch for only $110… not bad.

underarmor-bball-duo 2

No. 6 - Under Armour Micro G Torch 2

The Under Armour Micro G Torch was a great shoe but lacked a little material support.

Fast forward to the Micro G Torch 2 and they’ve beefed up the materials with supportive overlays and additional lockdown straps. Micro G cushion shouldn’t require any explanation at this point as its one of the best foam cushions available and their low price point makes them worthy of giving them a try.

Running Tech - adidas CrazyQuick

No. 5 - adidas Crazyquick

Much like the Rose 773 II, the PureMotion setup is the highlight of the CrazyQuick.

Additional support is in place on the Crazyquick and adidas’ TechFit material is surprisingly awesome on-court. Traction is abundant and flexibility is perfect. These are also starting to decrease in price so if you wanted to give them a try, the time is now.

Nike Basketball - Kobe 8 System

No. 4 - Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM

No… you’re achilles won't rupture while wearing them.

By now, you are no stranger to the Kobe 8. Engineered mesh, Fuse, herringbone and full length Lunarlon. Yeah… we had you at full length Lunarlon… didn’t we?


No. 3 - Under Armour Anatomix Spawn

Under Armour might be the newest brand but they’ve upped the ante rather quickly with the Anatomix Spawn.

As if full length Micro G foam wasn't enough, the Spawn features the perfect fitting upper, amazing traction and plenty of flexibility with the anatomically designed outsole. With only a handful of basketball created from the brand… they’ve seemed to have created one of the best Guard shoes ever.


No. 2 - Air Jordan XX8

The Bentley of basketball shoes… the Air Jordan XX8.

With traction so good you’ll break your own ankles, Flight Plate system in full effect and Zoom Air like you’ve never experienced before. If you can get ahold of a pair then we highly recommend them. Their greatest feature is something that is hard to describe and must be experienced first hand… the decoupled heel and forefoot allow for the best range of motion you’ll ever have and it’ll be difficult to hoop in anything else.

Jordan CP3.VI AE

No. 1 - Jordan CP3.VI AE

Traction, traction, traction… what every Point Guard needs.

Sure, the CP3.VI AE offers a great fit, decent ventilation, support and Podulon cushion but without great traction… they are useless to a Point Guard. Luckily, traction was the main focus when designing the CP3.VI and its a beautiful thing. Lets just hope the CP3.VII doesn't disappoint.

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