Another one bites the dust? Not exactly. But it is being reported that Golden State guard Stephen Curry will be leaving Nike and jumping on board with the ever-expanding Under Armour brand.

The move would put Curry alongside such ballers as Brandon Jennings and DeAndre Jordan, amongst others. Currently, the centerpiece of the company is seemingly NFL quarterback Cam Newton, but with Curry being on the roster, it would certainly boost visibility of the brand's basketball range.

We can't say that such a move is far from ordinary these days, as Dwyane Wade also underwent a big transition not all that long ago, going from Jordan Brand to Li-Ning. The question that now remains is just how much is UA dishing out to Curry — and will his ankles hold up better in UA sneaks?

We expect more to unfold in the coming days, as an official announcement is rumored for next week. So as always, keep it locked and let us know what you think of the rumored move.

[via Yahoo]