Retros have been around for quite a while now, and it's good to remember that the whole thing kicked off with signature shoes. No, the 1999 Air Jordan releases weren't the first retro sneakers—or even the first retro signature sneakers—but they were the ones that announced to the world that "retro" would be more than just a sneaker subcategory. At this point, it's the bedrock of retro that supports the towering skyscrapers of performance. But, to wildly mix metaphors, that's not to say the retro well is dry.

In fact, it's not even close. While Air Jordans and certain Shaq and Iverson shoes see near-constant re-releases, other athlete's signature models have been all but forgotten. Which is a shame, seeing that the very best sneakers were not always made for the very best athletes. (And even some of the ones that were have fallen by the wayside.) Right here you can check out 20 Signature Sneakers That Need to Be Retroed, just know this is only the, um, tip of the iceberg.

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