Review: Asics GEL-Flashpoint
Category: Squash
Weight: 8.6oz
Best for: Squash players looking for a comfortable and supportive shoe
Star Feature:  Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems

Squash being the high pace and impact sport it certainly takes a huge toll on your feet, but a brand like Asics making some of the best squash shoes out has really hit the nail on the head with these Asics GEL-Flashpoint indoor shoes. As an athlete that has had many leg injuries and feet issues I needed shoes that gave the extra support but had some form of flexibility, this is a rear find and therefore always had to sacrifice flexibility and comfort. Asics has always made comfortable shoes but these just take the comfort to the extreme.

Asics changed the concept of the squash shoe by making a lightweight shoe with the added stability and comfort all in one package. The make-up of this shoes has many different components; first is its Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems – a highly shock absorbing feature that absorbs shock during heel strike impact and push-off, but allowing multi-planear movement as the foot moves. This feature is great as with the many fast changes in direction during a rally it relieves added stresses on the foot. The second feature is the Solyte® Midsole Material which is a lighter, more durable and added cushioning than their well-known EVA and SpEVA® materials. Lastly they have added a NC Rubber® Outsole which has more natural rubber allowing for better traction and durability on court but still allowing easy and effortless movement along with keeping the feel of the court under your feet.

With all this added technology allowing the the shoe to be flexible, comfortable and supportive you may think the style has been lost. Well don’t you worry; style is definitely something Asics did not forget. Not only does the shoe come in Men’s and Women’s sizes but they are also offered in different colours and patterns, appealing to many different personalities. You have a range from all black to a collage of colours all made into the design of one pair of shoes. Not only would you feel super comfortable and confident you will get compliments on and off the court when you had sporting these. You will not be disappointed with this choice. Look good, play good!

Bottom line: Asics took their already amazing squash shoes and spiced them up to add support, flexibility, comfort and of course style all in one incredible shoe. Keeping the price at around $100 for a pair your wallet will be just as happy as your feet and body. Go out there with huge confidence knowing you’re supported, comfortable and looking fresh.

Tessa Martin is a Trinidad and Tobago National Squash player living and working in Boston with 14 years of International experience. When Tessa is not training hard on the courts or coaching kids she loves watching sports, being active, listening to music, going to the beach and searching for good food.

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