After getting an initial look last year, here we are roughly 12 months later, as Reebok has finally dropped off the unique "Ruff Ryders" rendition of the Twilight Zone Pump. And if you're still scratching your head as to why, you must have forgotten that Swizz Beatz holds some production credits for DMX and crew's heralded It’s Dark and Hell is Hot album. It's all coming together now, huh? Nonetheless, the pumped-up-kicks here sport a glossy look, noting silver and black shading throughout the upper, which has been predominantly comprised of leather. The coinciding "R" in Reebok mirrors the unmistakable Ruff Ryders lettering, as touches of red have then been applied to break up the silver and black set. So if you've been waiting on the Ruff Ryders Pumps, you can snag 'em now through Reebok's online shop for $125.