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During the late '80s and early '90s, there were two dual-sport stars who changed the landscape of sports forever. Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson played excelled in baseball and football, which not only broke the norms, but gave sneaker companies like Nike the perfect platform for cross-trainer marketing. Although Sanders and Jackson aren't the only multi-sport athletes in history, no other players have made as significant of impacts on the sports and sneaker world since.

In 1989, "Primetime" Deion Sanders signed with both the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Yankees. For years, Sanders managed to juggle the demands of both professional sports, earning NFL Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors in 1991. By this time, Sanders had signed with the Atlanta Braves, but that summer his NFL contract required him to report to training camp and he was forced to leave baseball in the midst of the postseason. Eventually, Sanders was able to negotiate a clause in his contract to allow him play in the MLB postseason and attend NFL training camp at the same time. On September 23, 1991, Deion Sanders returned to the Atlanta Braves.

Deion is remembered for his prowess on both the gridiron and the diamond, but his line of signature Nike trainers and cleats helped him with all aspects of his game and has become a success in its many retro releases. Pick up the classic Air Diamond Turf model today for $120.

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