There are few distinctions more elusive in Major League Baseball than the 40-40 club. Made up of just four players, this elite group managed to each hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in one season. In 1988, Jose Canseco made history by becoming the first player to complete the feat, and shortly after, all-time home run leader Barry Bonds gained membership into the 40-40 club.

On September 27, 1996, the San Fransisco Giants traveled to Coors Field to meet the Colorado Rockies. En route to a 9-3 Giants win, Barry Bonds stole second base, making it his 40th stolen base of the 1996 season. With 40 homers already recorded, this meant that Bonds had officially become just the second player to complete the 40-40 club prerequisites. Barry Bonds would finish the season with 42 home runs and 40 stolen bases, and in 1998, Alex Rodriguez would become the third member of the club. From that point, it would be another eight years until Alfonso Soriano claimed his spot as the fourth and final entry.

During this triumphant '96 run, Bonds wore a PE Nike cleat. Later in his career, he was known for wearing Fila, and even had his own signature trainer at one point. Unfortunately, Bonds' 1996 cleats are relics at this point, but you can check out Nike's current baseball selection here.

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