A PE, or Player Edition, sneaker has many useful qualities, not the least of which to help harried equipment managers and locker room attendants differentiate between a dozen or so pairs of very similar sneakers. But that's not really why a player would want a PE. The foremost reason is that a PE makes a player feel special, that the company whose sneakers he wears looks out for him, that he is worthy of something more than just what any kid can buy at the local Foot Locker.

For Michael Jordan, especially during his early days with the Chicago Bulls, a PE was redundant. He had his own shoe that already had his own logo (first the ball and wings, later the Jumpman) on it. There was no mistaking his shoes for anyone else's. But in 1990, lo and behold, his Air Jordan Vs had a "23" embroidered on the heels. And once he returned from his first "retirement," with other players in the league wearing Air Jordans (with his blessing, of course), he had all the more reason to make his Air Jordans his own. Here are Michael Jordan's Best Air Jordan PEs.

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