If you think Nike has released a lot of LeBron James sneakers to the general public, well, that’s true. But compared to the number of styles worn by LeBron himself, the retail pairs are just a drop in the bucket. Whether ID or PE, LeBron gets colors that the general public can only dream of. And long gone are the days when Michael Jordan used to wear just three or four colorways over the course of a season — LeBron will wear three or four MODELS over the course of a season, and three or four colorways during a single playoff series. Sorting out each and every pair of signature shoes he’s worn over the course of his career, from the Air Zoom Generation to the LeBron X Elite, was a monumental task, but one well worth taking on. Some pairs were worn for just a single game, others for a single half, but all have significance in a career that becomes more legendary by the day. Check out The Complete History of Nike LeBron Sneakers Worn By King James.

Special shoutout to NikeLeBron.net for the assist on this project.

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