In total, there are 36,000 slots available for the 2014 Boston Marathon (a 9,000 increase from last year’s race), but if the first day of registration is any indication, those spots won’t be open for long.

An estimated 4,000 runners signed up for the next edition of the world’s oldest annual marathon on Day 1 of open registration for time qualifiers—a significant increase from past years according to race officials.

"We are running less than a couple of thousand ahead of year-to-year (2013-to-2014)," Boston Athletic Association spokesperson Jack Fleming told Runner's World Newswire."Better indicators will be on Wednesday when 10-minutes-and-faster qualifiers can submit their entry application, and of course on Friday when 5-minutes-and-faster qualifiers can submit their entry."

There are 22,000 spots available during the registration period that began on Monday. Any remaining slots that haven’t been filled by next Monday, Sept. 16, will be opened up to all time qualifiers.

[Runner's World]

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