Category: Soccer
Best for: Box-to-box players who cover a lot of ground
Weight: 8.4 oz.

The Nitrocharge 1.0 is the latest addition to adidas’ roster of soccer boots. You might have noticed some of today’s stars—David Silva, Daniele De Rossi, Dani Alves—wearing them for both club and country, but that doesn’t explain much. Financial compensation notwithstanding, why have some of the best players in the world chosen to lace up the new Nitrocharge instead of, say, the Predator LZ or F50? What does the Nitrocharge have that other adidas boots don’t? We got our hands on a pair and tested them out.

Lacing up for the first time, we noticed the Nitrocharge runs a little bit wider than speed boots like the adidas F50 or the Nike Vapor. It’s not built purely for speed. Rather, it’s built to provide optimal structure and support for a grueling 90 minutes. Between the SPRINTFRAME technology in the heel and the ENERGYSLING band wrapped around the instep, the Nitrocharge 1.0 is a snug fit. You might want to consider moving up a half size, depending if you like a little more room for your foot to breathe.

The hybritouch upper offers the soft feel of a natural leather boot and low maintenance durability of a synthetic boot. The boot breaks in quickly and the material molds to the contours of your feet after the first few sessions. The mesh-like material also in the  upper provides extra ventilation, which sometimes can be the difference between staying fresh for the next session and hobbling off to the trainer’s room. There is also extra padding around the heel, which proves immensely invaluable, especially when things get chippy.

By now you’re probably wondering if the ENERGYSLING actually works.

I’ve never been a huge fan of hyped up technology that may or may not work. Is the ENERGYSLING a rubber band incorporated into the hybrid upper? Yes. Does is provide extra stability during lateral movement?  If it does, it’s certainly not overwhemingly noticeable. So if you’re under the impression that the ENERGYSLING is going to give you explosive speed, you’re sadly mistaken. That comes with hard work both on the pitch and in the weight room. ENERGYSLING does provide extra stabilization, however. In tandem with SPRINTFRAME technology, it drastically reduces the risk of ankle and foot injuries.

The Nitrocharge 1.0 doesn’t quite suit the flashy player, and that’s OK. Sure, every team needs an explosive finisher, but they also need a workhorse who will cover every corner of the field, challenge for every ball, and dig deep when it counts. The Nitocharge 1.0 is for the player who runs relentlessly for 90 minutes—the pillar in the defense and the spark  in the offense. The David Silvas, Daniele De Rossis, and Dani Alveses of the footballing world.

Bottom line: The adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 is a solid boot that is built to go the distance, from kickoff to the final whistle. The ENERGYSLING might not be the groundbreaking technology as advertised, but it definitely serves a purpose. So if you’re ready to elevate your work rate and carry your team to victory, the Nitrocharge has your name written all over it.

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