The Air Jordan XX8 is Jordan Brand's best performance shoe of all time. How could they possibly top the XX8? Simple, you don't top it at all, you just tweak it a little to make it more affordable.

Starting from the bottom, the traction is simply amazing. Will it last outdoors? Maybe not, but as an indoor shoe they will leave you speechless. Not one negative thing you can say about their traction at all so you know you'll be covered on any court.

Their Flight Plate and unlocked Zoom Air setup is unlike anything you've ever felt before. If you like Zoom Air then you'll love these. Its the best Zoom Air experience one can have with the exception of the LeBron X but even then, these are in a league of their own. Ultimate responsiveness and impact protection is the simplest way for the system to be explained... you truly have to feel it to believe it.

The entire shoe is minimal in terms of construction and this is definitely one scenario where less is more. The Dynamic Fit System is wonderful, locking in your foot onto the footbed in sections while promoting flexibility and range of motion instead of restriction. Decoupling the heel and forefoot give the shoe a strange look - slightly combat boot like - but when it comes to mobility, you'll be looking at every other shoe differently from now on. Less effort means you save energy... if you save energy then you'll have more when it counts; at the end of the game.

The Air Jordan XX8 is their best performance model to date. Lowering the price to $150 while removing the shroud is the smartest thing they've done as thee overall performance won't suffer and it will allow more people to have an opportunity to try out the amazing shoe for themselves to come up with their own conclusion.

What can you expect from the Air Jordan XX8 SE? Pure awesomeness.