Already having previewed the PureConnect 3 and PureCadence 3, today we take a look at another member of Brooks Running’s revamped PureProject series for 2014, the PureFlow 3.

As the middle child of the PureProject series, the PureFlow offer the best of both lightweight cushioning and support. Compared to the current model, the PureFlow 3 features virtually a complete redesign from heel to toe, including a fresh upper with less seams and overlays.

For the first time, the shoe’s platform has also been upgraded in addition to the upper. The PureFlow 3 is expected to have a narrower midfoot last for improved support, as well as more space in the toe box to cater to wide-footed runners.

Just like with the other updated models in the PureProject 3 series, Brooks has repositioned the split toe design in the forefoot. Instead of resting between the big toe and the second two, the split now can be found between the second and third toes for a more natural foot motion.

Additional upgrades on the PureFlow 3 include a slightly more beveled heel for a more fluid foot strike, along with an updated midfoot Nav Band that is slightly narrower than usual for a more streamlined it. The Nav Band is also constructed from a more pliable silicone material as opposed to the fabric version on the previous PureFlow models.

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